We are the community leaders for martial arts in Canberra


Internationally Qualified Instructors

Our instructors are among some of the highest graded IOGKF Black Belts on the planet. IOGKF is the largest traditional Okinawa Karate organisation in the world. Our Sensei's regularly teach all over Australia, the world and even in Japan.


Martial arts for Everyone

Our centres offer classes for kids, teens, adults and families in a close, fun and affordable environment. Learn authentic and effective traditional martial arts from the highest ranked and most qualified instructors in the ACT & Australia.


Our Philosophy

Honest - Loyalty - Respect

We develop people of all ages to be a positive contribution to the local community and prepare people for the challenges of daily life.

Our Classes

Karate for Kids


Give your child a head start in life with our Pee-wee Karate programs. Fun, educational and proven with  Free trials are available now. Help your child reach their full potential.

Classes for Teens


Our Teenage programs are sought after all over the world. Effective, understanding and enjoyable, class participants make friends for and develop skills for life

Adults Martial Arts


Effective traditional Karate for everyone, no matter your fitness level or ability. Take the challenge and change your life for the better today. Take one of our Free trial offers today.

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Canberra Traditional Karate Centres

Bonython - Woden Valley - Gungahlin- Kaleen

0402 155 361 or 0403 919 326