About Us

Australia's highest ranked Sensei


Learn directly from a team of instructors lead by Australia's highest ranked Goju-ryu Karate Black belt Sensei in IOGKF. Our team of talent Dojo head and assistant instructors have over 250 years of combined experience.

IOGKF International


We are an officially recognised branch of the largest and most respect traditional Okinawan Karate organisation in the world. Our centres are recognised y the Japanese federal government as authentic martial arts.

Canberra's oldest martial arts school


We have provided the ACT community with quality martial arts instruction, continuously, for over 40 years. We are organised, efficient, fun, close and affordable. We love Karate and we want you to feel the same. 

Our Sensei's

Japan graded

Our senior instructors are graded in Okinawa, Japan - the birth place of Karate by the worlds highest ranked grand master. 

Internationally in demand instructors

Train with instructors who regularly teach all over the world including North America, South America, New Zealand and even in Japan.

Learn more about your new Sensei

Visit the instructors section of our website to learn more about your new Sensei.

IOGKF International

Worlds largest Okinawan Karate body

IOGKF International was founder in 1979 by legendary Karate Master, Sensei Morio Higaonna. Our Centres have been following the master prior to this time and we are among the world bodies longest serving members.

Training in the birth place

No person can train with the grand master in Okinawa without the express permission of our instructors as we are the masters official representatives in Australia.

IOGKF today

Today IOGKF has over 75,000 members in over 60 different countries. Our most senior instructor is ranked among the top 10 of those 75,000 people across the globe.

Canberra karate

Oldest & largest

The Canberra traditional Karate Centres are the ACT's oldest martial arts club and the capitals largest Karate school. Established in 1975 under the leadership of Sensei Joe Roses.

Multiple locations

We have talented and Japan recognised Dojo head instructors at multiple locations across Canberra and surrounds who are ready to start your journey today.

Join the Karate family

Inviting, friendly and encouraging, we build people up - not break them down. Meet your Karate family today and take us up on our FREE trial classes.