Classes for Adults

Take the challenge and start the journey

 When it comes to Adults starting Karate, we have heard every excuse in the book: I'm not fit enough, I'm too old, I couldn't do that! But the truth is every Black belt was once a beginner too! 

Our Adult Karate programs are Japan recognised as an authentic martial arts program by the Japanese federal government. Unlike modern, commercial martial arts schools in the area our program will build you up and not break you down. We recognise that each individual person is just that, and an individual and a unique approach must be taken towards every persons training. Our highly qualified Sensei's will meet with you and access your general health and lifestyle to help you make positive changes. After all one of our main beliefs is that if you change nothing, nothing will change. 

All of our adult classes incorporate all the practices of effective traditional Karate. You will be fit, strong and able to defend yourself in no time, all while having fun and making new friends for life. Each class incorporates specific Karate based warm up exercises designed to improve fitness, strength, balance, flexibility and confidence. Following this the practice of essential basic Karate skills take place promoting the development of speed, power, technique and timing. Kata (a sequence incorporating many of these skills) is then practiced methodically with the purpose of creating effective self defence responses.

After this, each class is different as our instructors aim to maintain variety with your training. Anything from long distance fighting, close quarters training, bag work, controlled free fighting, ground self defence, personal protection strategies and more is thrown into the mix. 

Our centres have been instructing the local Canberra community for over 45 years and our instructors are in demand all over the world. Our head Sensei's regularly teach in Europe, North America, South America, Oceania and even in Japan!

We invite you to visit any of our centres to take us up on one of our FREE no strings attached trial offers. This way you can meet with our Sensei's, try some classes, get to know other people involved in our club and then decided if Karate is right for you. Why do we offer FREE trials? Because we are so convinced that once you see what real Karate is all about you will want to keep going and reaping the benefits. Get in contact with is today and meet your Karate family!



I moved to Canberra for work 3 years ago. I had practiced Karate for 25 years all over Australia. The Canberra Traditional Karate Centres are by far the best and most effective martial arts club I've ever been involved in. They are the reason I am still in Canberra!

Kevin M. - Experience Martial Artist

Sensei and the Black belts at CTKC changed my life. I was overweight, out of shape and very tired all the time. A friend encouraged me to come for a look. Sensei talked me in to trying a class and took the time work privately with me. Now 12 months later I'm past my goal weight and feeling better than ever!

- Sammy T. - Total beginner who decided to try.

Definitely not what I was expecting! I think movies have a lot to answer for in shaping what we think Karate is. Karate is a fantastic and fun way of staying active and I cannot say enough about my Sensei. I have found a mentor for life. So genuine and always makes time for me.

Jemma W. - Training for 2.5 years.