Teenage Programs

Our Teenage Programs

 At the Canberra Traditional Karate Centres we recognise that are huge changes happening in our teenagers throughout their adolescence and that their training needs to evolve during this time to match these changes. 

Our centres pride themselves of the development of both our Junior and Cadet teenage programs which run alongside each other enabling teens of any age to reach their full potential by matching the types of training, testing and the knowledge required to pass to match their age.

Our Junior programs is designed for those aged 13-15 years and encompasses effective traditional Karate training, without the addition of weight training or without having to retain as much technical knowledge as that of their older peers.

These peers participate in the cadet program depending on their physical and mental development. Traditional supplementary training and a great technical knowledge is required at this level, but the program still includes all of the effective traditional Karate aspects of the Junior program.

The pressures of teenage life, balancing school, part time jobs, social life and more can be quite taxing on young adults. It is extremely important that Teens have time for themselves in an encouraging and friendly environment separate from home, school and work. The Dojo is the perfect place for this, the pressures of day to day life are forgotten for the length of the class and our teens leave training with a fresh mine.

As studying becomes more time consuming in the senior years of high school, many teenagers abandon sports and physical activity. As a result, research has proven they will most likely become in active adults and inactive adults are more likely to suffer in areas requiring resilience and perseverance. At the Canberra Traditional Karate Centres we aim to support our teenage students in their school studies, by helping them manage their schedules and by providing and outlet for them to de-stress while maintaining the importance of good grades.

A majority of those who take our teenage programs achieve good grades, go on to study at university and work in rewarding careers - all while continuing to reap the benefits of training and being part of the 'Karate family'. The sense of belonging this brings leads to making friends for life. 

We offer FREE no strings attached trials so you or your child can come along and experience the 'Karate family' feeling for yourself. Your Sensei is waiting to change your life today.



I joined 3 years ago and it has honestly been the best thing I have ever done. I love it as we pull up the Dojo and I see all the smiling faces. It is honestly the best part of my week!

-Georgie R. - 16 year old member

Karate is definitely no what I thought it would be. My friend asked me to come along and I was pretty reluctant. I thought it would be all 'hi-ya!' and breaking boards, but I couldn't have been more wrong. I've lost count how many times Sensei has show me something and I have said 'I can't do that'. He always smiles back and says 'not yet, but you will'. Sensei is always, I mean always, right! If he says I will be able to, he'll make it happen! Love Karate!

-Simon S. - 14 year old member

I honestly don't know how I would have stayed sane through high school without Karate! Sensei and the team bent over backwards to keep my body and my mind healthy for my final exams. They call to check up on me and even let me study in the Dojo before classes so I could have a quiet place to concentrate. They really care!

Maddison G. - 18 year old member.